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    I think that's so cool! I love photography! + I saw all the animals.
    Over 9 years ago
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    This book is one of my favorite books! This book is about a girl named Melody and she is 11 years old (my age, so I can kind of relate to her, in a way) and she has a photographic memory. Which means her head is like a video camera so every thing she see's she remembers. Also if you have a photographic memory their is no delete button. NO ONE knows it but she is the smartest kid in her school. She gets stuck in this special room with all of the other special needs kids and all they learn is the alphabet by listening to this stupid preschool- level song. Most people- her teachers and doctors included- think that she can't learn anything like what the kids in her real grade learn, but really she can learn that AND more. Melody has to keep everything inside of her because, that's the way it has been since she was born. Until one day her and her special helper Catherine find something that may that will change her life FOREVER! But are people ready to hear her voice or will they get to know who she really is? I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!
    Almost 10 years ago
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    By Sharon M. Draper
    Almost 10 years ago

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