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    Summary of A Long Way from Chicago Grandma wanted the spotlight to be on her. And not on anybody else. Every summer her grandkids Mary and Joey spend one week every summer with grandma. But, grandma is always willing to go somewhere and do something. Like go to a county fair and do a pie contest. Or grab a snake on a boat and strangle it to death. So as you can see she wants to do a lot while they are in town. Then something terrible happens. Joey has to go to training for World War ll. Will he make it? What will happen next? Opinion: It was an interesting novel with so much adventure and action.The book is called A Long Way From Chicago. In my opinion, this novel is great! It had so much happening and made me keep on turning the pages. If you want a book with adventure, great people, and funny moments, then I recommend this book. As far as adventures go I think you will like when grandma grabbed a snake on the boat and strangled it to death. My favorite character is grandma because she is eccentric and caring at the same time. Just wait till you hear what grandma does to a coffin in her house! It cracked me up! I would rate the book a 4.5/5 because it was interesting.
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