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    I think people will take interest in this book because it has a lot of weird facts and usually kids like it when they read weird things. I hope other kids like this book as much as I do
    Over 5 years ago
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    The books on Wonder just make them so emotional. I felt extremely bad for Auggie. Julian made Auggie feel different from others. He even humiliated him. Julian wrote bad notes to Auggie. His mom lied to Mr.Tushman, which was a very bad thing to do. Auggie is really nice, It's just his face and they are saying it is ugly and that is mean. Nobody said Julian had to be best friends with Auggie, It's just that Julian needed to be nice to him. The school is new to Auggie so Julian had to make him welcome. But Julian decided to do pranks on Auggie. But It's nice how Jack Will stood up for Auggie. But I still wonder why Jack said something mean about Auggie to Julian at Halloween because he stood up for Auggie. But, he said "sorry" to Auggie and ever since they became best friends. Mr.Browne and Mr.Tushman were the first people to make Auggie feel welcome, after all they are teachers. Auggie didn't feel too comfortable to Julian. At the end of the movie it was nice of Julian to become friends with Auggie.
    Over 5 years ago
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    By R. J. Palacio
    Over 5 years ago
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    When we think of moths, the image of the dull-looking brown cloth moth, notorious for gnawing through our finest outfits, is usually  what pops up in our minds. However, turns o...
    Over 6 years ago
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    Donuts are good... I DONT KNOW WHY PEOPLE HATIN ON THEM!
    Over 6 years ago
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    Latte foam artwork, which is believed to have originated in Italy has been around since the 1980's. But while many have mastered the art of sketching beautiful flowers and heart...
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