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    this book helped me get over the passing of my uncle and showed me ways to help, loved this book
    Over 2 years ago
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    Charlie Bell's father died playing basketball. And Charlie used to like basketball a lot. He played on a JV team, and was one of the best players in his school. But... every time he plays now, he is greeted by a painful reminder of how he didn't have a father anymore. School is out now and he plans on spending it with his best friends CJ and Skinny... Until he finds out that his mother is sending him to Washing D.C. to spend the summer with his grandparents. His grandpa puts him to work right away doing so many chores that he barely has any time to do what's important to him. Things like Writing to CJ or reading his comics. So when he goes to the Boys and Girl's center where his grandpa works, his cousin Roxie needs him to fill in for her 3v3 Basketball team. And somehow he won it for them with a last second 3 point shot. Now he's everyone at the Boys and Girl's center's hero! But will he continue to play with Roxie or will he be painfully reminded of his father and stop?
    Over 2 years ago
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    By Kwame Alexander
    Over 2 years ago

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