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    It was full of peculiarity!!! well its a book must for teens and its fabulous. filled with all the exciting things,from adventure to friendship i just got to know this book from my sis,the life of jacob portman of twists and turn,is a must to read
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    Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children, let's TRY to do this. Okay, so before I start, I must confess a sin. It's the most horrible thing that a reviewer, and reader in general could do... I watched the movie BEFORE I read the novel. *Someone in audience faints* Okay, so when I picked up this book, I based the entire thing off of the movie. While I forgot that movie directors take the whole thing apart and rewrite important stuff. What I am trying to say is, it had a Hollywood ending. I am here to talk about the book, not the movie. So, it starts with Jake Portman. Jake had a great POV. I thought it was entertaining and fun. This book has ALOT of plot twists so I am not gonna get in the details. The ups (of the book)- I loved the characters. I really liked the villains of this book. They were actually what Lana calls "Creepy Good". I ADORE the setting and if you already read the book you'd know why. The DOWNS- Nothing. Now, Now... THE MISTAKES OF THE MOVIE.. ( I am kinda mixing a book review with a movie review so ENJOY!) -The Love Interest -The Names -Only focused on like four Peculiars. -The "Best Friend" -How The Climax Goes So anyway, 4.5 stars for the novel. And 4 stars for the movie!
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