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  • 21arohrbough
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    Is belicheck so "successful" because he always use deflated balls?
    Almost 8 years ago
  • 21amattis
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    The big debate that's going on between the fans and the teams is the one team ( the patriots) did an illegal thing they deflated the footballs they brought in so they would win the game and move on to the super bowl.
    Almost 8 years ago
  • 21csaracino
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    Well they think that the patriots cheated because they think that the footballs were deflated and maybe that they are mad that they lost or the other team deflated the balls and blamed it all on them to try to make them lose
    Almost 8 years ago
  • 21dmercadante
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    Question 2: The NFL found out about he deflated footballs when an interception was thrown by Tom Brady the Colts defensive player told his coach to weigh the football and he found out the football was lighter than it should have been. During halftime the referees switched out the football for legal ones. The ball pressure matters very much because deflated ball tend to be easier to throw and catch.
    Almost 8 years ago
  • 21jormerod
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    The NFL found out about the deflated footballs because during the game, one of the Colts players intercepted a ball, and during half time, he asked his coach to weigh it, and they found that it was underweight. The referees weighed the Patriot's balls, and found 11 out of 12 balls were deflated. The ball pressure matters because deflated footballs make it easier to throw and catch, mainly during rainy or other bad weather conditions.
    Almost 8 years ago
  • 21jdavis
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    Bill Belichick thinks that the weather may have caused the footballs to under inflate. That is not feasible because the colts 12 footballs were just fine in the same weather. Belichick also was fined in 2007 for recording the New York Jets' defensive signals. Belichick claimed that he didn't know that it was illegal to record something being watched by 80,000 people in the stadium!
    Almost 8 years ago
  • 21kpatel
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    The big debate going on with football fans is that did the New England Patriots cheat by deflating the ball for easier throws and easier catches. The NFL regulations for footballs used in the game are that the ball must be inflated between 12.5 and 13.5 pounds per square inch,and 11 out 12 balls were deflated out of the 21 balls in each game
    Almost 8 years ago
  • 21aashton
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    During half time when colt handled the balls they found it to be a lot lighter than its usual weight, which is 12.5-13.5. Also, the ball pressure does matter because it increases it's distance height and grip and most football plays would say a deflated ball has a lot better brio than a regular ball.
    Almost 8 years ago
  • 21ohannum
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    The NFL found out about the balls being deflated by the other team the Colts quarter back stating that the ball felt "deflated." In half time the referees checked the balls then got a new one. The balls pressure matters because if they are lighter they are easier to throw and catch.
    Almost 8 years ago
  • 21npufko
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    One rule that the NFL could change is that the referees should weigh every single ball before and during a game that would help with the cheating if they are cheating.The colts found out because when they caught the interception pass that is felt lighter and they they were not up to NFL regulations
    Almost 8 years ago