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    I have 1 Jack Russell 1 pitbull mix 1 massive mix 1 mut and 1 bulldog so 5 dog's and two cat's we use to have 5 dog's and 5 cat's but 3 cat's died and my bulldog died but he is still my dog on and my Jack Russel is annoying at dinner time cause jump and jump in till you give him a bit and when you get home or something he will wind like crazy and when you go to sit down when you get home he will but you
    About 2 years ago
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    I have one my mom found him at her work and she heard that he was a bit risk but it was cause his last person he lived with moved out and left him and a pig with no food no water no anything and my mom saved him and when she heard that he was a bit risk she had to do something cause they were going to kill him cause he always bit people so my mom rescued him and now his mine and the first thing he did was jump out my mom's arm's and play with the other dog's my family didn't meet us first but we stayed calm and slowly walked to him but we peted him and he didn't but anybody but he knows how to smile 😁 so cute and his the littlest dog in our house he so cute and nice now.
    About 2 years ago
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    I didn't even know my friends cat then the next thing I knew she was on her back and I was Petting her!!😻😻😺😺
    About 2 years ago

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