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    This is really cool and I think that this will bring the common good into our lives and will help a lot of people. But won't it put a lot of people out of jobs? Because Builders usually build your house, but now it is a machine and it is doing the job in like 24 hours. Builders take a lot more time than that! Not every company can afford the machine so what are they supposed to do when everyone wants to have their house built in 24 hours? Just putting that Idea out there. Kind of like the Amazon Go store. No workers needed. So that is fewer people needed for the job! I really hope that technology doesn't take all the jobs in the world. But it is a good machine, and will really help our world. Then, people can have an easier move because they can have their house built in one to two days! Those are my thoughts on this product.
    About 4 years ago
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    About 4 years ago
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    I feel that this would also help us because when I get homework I tend to get stressed out and then I forget what to do when test time comes.
    Over 4 years ago

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