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    One rule that the NFL could imply so that a controversy like this won't happen again is that they a ref or a trusted official could check ball pressure and weight before they are brought on. But a problemwith this is that it would slow down game time, and fans love a action packed face off would be bored or angry that a stoppage time is added on every time a substitute ball is brought on. So instead of checking it right when they need it is that the team with ball position would present the selected ball that they will send in as soon as they gain position and refs will check it as the game goes on meaning no stoppage time and no deflated balls.
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    The NFL found out about the footballs being deflated by one of the Colts defensive players noticing that the football thrown by the Patriot's quarterback seem a little lighter than usual. At half time the referee measured the pressure of the footballs and found that 12 that didn't meet the requirements of the rules. The ball pressure matters because if it's under weight, it can be lighter to catch or easier to throw. GO SEAHAWKS!😄💙💚🏈
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    The NFL finds out about the ball when Colt's defensive finds that the ball has been throw a little higher than usual.
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    The NFL found out the footballs where not up to regulation stadards because during the game, the Colts' defensive players, felt like the ball being thrown by the Patriots, was lighter than usual. The Colts' "lodged a complaint against the Patriots." What they did during half time was the referees measured the pressure of the footballs again and found that it was inflated 2 pounds of pressure per square inch. The football pressure matters so much because, with less pressure, it is easier to throw and easier to catch, giving the Patriont a higher advantage of winning the game when the ball is easier to catch and throw.
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    The NFL found out that the balls were not up to regulation standards because the Colts' defensive players were sensing that the ball was a little lighter than usual. During half time the referees measured the pressure of the footballs and found 11 out of 12 of the balls were inflated 2 pounds of pressure per square inch. In football the ball pressure matters a lot because the softer the footballs are it is easier to catch and throw the ball.
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    The NFL found out about the footballs being deflated because linebacker D'Qwell Jackson intercepted the ball and it felt a little bit lighter than usual and some of the defensive players sensed they were deflated. So then during halftime the referees checked the footballs and they were deflated. Since the balls were deflated, the grip on the ball was better, making it easier to throw, and easier to catch. After halftime the referees replaced the deflated footballs, which there the colts could've won, so then even though the footballs were deflated in the first half, in the second half they were not. You can't blame the football for losing. Go Patriots!!!!!!!😄😄😄😄😄
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    Bill Belichick thinks it was the weather that caused the footballs to lose air.The colts played with there footballs which they never lost air. This is not the first time the patriots has been fined back in 2007 they filmed the jets defense signals and then bill said he had no idea it was illegal.
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    The debate is held between each fan and team. The Seahawks fans and Eagles fans are both on the side that they did deflate the footballs. The footballs are suppose to be around 12.5 and 13.5 psi. The officials switched out the game balls during the and some how didn't notice the difference. This caused more controversy between the fans, media, and the teams.there is footage of a ball boy who walked in the ball room. He only took about 90 seconds so it wasn't him. But the owner of the New England patriots apolligized for this insedent. He says he is extremely sorry and hopes to move on. The only way we know this is because of de'quell jacksons pick on Tom Brady. He noticed that the football felt deflated. We don't know who did this or if the patriots will be punished but what we can do is wait for Super Bowl Sunday.
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    The big debate going on between the huge community of football fans is the fans say the patriots cheated in the AFC championchip by deflated the footballs below regulation weight. According to the NFL the regulations on the footballs are,12.5and 13.5 per square in hand between 14 and 15 ounces.
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