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    Nikki's life is going to be drama-free because MacKenzie, her enemy, is moving to another school because of a video someone posted of her screaming because a bug was on her. She's going to attend North Hampton Hills International Academy. Nikki can still feel her presence even though she's not really here. She also has a hard time believing that MacKenzie's new school even exists. So she searches it up online, and there was actually a homepage for it. She cannot believe her eyes when she clicks on it. It really is a school, and it's amazing! Now that MacKenzie is gone, her life won't be miserable anymore.
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    Ivan is a gorilla who has lived in a domain for most of his life. He likes watching TV and drawing. But his question is, are there any other of him? He has never seen a gorilla other than himself. He wonders if he's the only one in the world. He thinks of the TV shows he sees, and about his friends Bob and Stella. Bob is a stray dog, and Stella is an elderly elephant. Then he meets a baby elephant named Ruby. Ivan feels like he has a responsibility now that Stella is getting old. This was a heart warming story, and I recommend it to animal readers.
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    This book is great! It's about a twelve-year-old named Percy Jackson who gets kicked out of all the schools he attends. But something really strange happens on a field trip. He was getting mad at Nancy Bobofit, a bully who keeps picking on Percy and his best friend Grover. He was approaching her but Grover held him back, saying he wouldn't want to get in trouble again on this field trip with his favorite and only favorite teacher, Mr. Brunner. So Percy didn't do anything, but a huge wave coming from the fountain where Nancy was sitting hit her, and she was soaked. She automatically pointed at Percy and said that he did it when he didn't. Then, Percy's least favorite teacher Mrs. Dodds tells him to follow her. She tells him that he was being troubled again, and Percy decided not to argue or things could get nasty. So he just said yes to her. But then she tells him to follow her into the museum. She tells him to go in front of him. When Percy is inside the museum, he turns around and doesn't see Mrs. Dodds. But then he hears a voice in front of him and Mrs. Dodds is at the end of the hall. Percy wonders how she got there so fast. But then Mrs. Dodds tells him to go to another room in the museum, and she'll be there. But as soon as he goes there, Mrs. Dodds is in the window. Percy definitely knows something is going on. Then Mrs. Dodds asks Percy where it is. Percy doesn't know what ''it'' is, so he tells her he doesn't know what she's talking about, and Mrs. Dodds attacks him. I loved this book! I recommend it to adventure lovers, and if you want to learn about Greek mythology.
    Over 5 years ago
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    This is another book in the Dork Diary series and it is funny and engaging like the others. I loved this book because Nikki is faced with the problem of trying to help her crush, Brandon, rescue the local animal shelter. She comes up with a plan to enter the local ice skating competition with the help of her friends. Then she is soon faced with some big challenges before she needs to perform. In the end, she finds a way to manage her bullies and end with a big surprise. This book was exciting and funny to read. I highly recommend it!
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    Old School is the 10th book of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. It's about a kid named Greg who's parents want Greg to experience what they experienced when they were kids. His mom is doing a petition to get people to do things the old way. The book starts with Greg and his best friend Rowley doing a lemonade business that did not go out so well. There was a kid across the street doing the same business, and his stand made Greg and Rowley's stand look like a joke. This book was funny, and I recommend it to comedy readers.
    Over 5 years ago
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    I want to win this book because I love learning and hearing myths and folktales about Cryptids from around the world. The book also sounds very intriguing. I've read some parts of the book and I just love how Lemonade Witt's personality is. I also want this book because I have always had this feeling for Bigfoot. All in all, I want to win a copy of this book because I want to learn about mystical creatures like Bigfoot and want to know more about him.
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    This is an AMAZING Book! I just love how the main character, Lemonade, is.
    Over 5 years ago
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    Smile is based off Raina Telgemeier's childhood. It is about a girl who fell down and lost her two front teeth. Then, at school things got worse with her friendships. She wants to be normal, but all her friends are becoming a bit rude. They pantsed her when she got up to get something because they were being mean to her in front of the whole middle school. That got Raina upset and embarrassed. Her friends eventually caught up, asking her why she was being so sensitive suddenly. But Raina told them that they weren't their normal selves, and treating her differently now that she has dental problems. She then tells them that she's done with them, and makes new friends. This good book because it shows many examples of standing up for yourself.
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