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    1. I think that the zookeepers are always looking for ways to keep the organtans challenged maybe because then they will understand and I guess know to how to get there food thats all I will think that for the zookeepers finds ways to keep the organtans challenged or like to how to find food u know. I think that tablets help maybe because it gets the organtans smarter and know what to do when something like this comes u know. I think the drawback for using devices is maybe for like because to make the organtans very smart and know what to do all the time for there future u know like to how to get food. 2. I think they helped solve that by making or thinking of ways to challenge these organtans because long time ago there weren't no devices but now there is so I think they helped solve it by getting devices for them and so they would do stuff with them until they have learned to how to use them u know. I think that the trail was held in maybe where the organtans were living u know. I think the games that the orgatans were playing were the zap tetris, painting in that devices stuff u know and puzzle. 3. The zokeepers are hoping to offer that kind of technology all around the zoo world u know that is what the zookeepers are actually hoping for u know. I think that is exciting for the zoo visitors because then they will be happy to see these other animals using or trying it and being happy with it u know.
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    1. first when Leo saw the vending machine filled with all the nice and yummy treats he rushed to it. Leo thought that you could just grab any kind of candy you'd like so he reached it to get one and he put his hands in to fa so the vending machine sensed his hands and got it/ grabbed it and got it stuck. 2. Leo didn't know that you actually had to pay for the vending machine to get a treat that you would like because he never saw anything like this thats why he didn't even know what to do to get his treat he thought he would just pick his candy and grab it right away you know. Leo's hands got stuck inside the vending machine because the machine sensed his hands right when it got in. 3. It actually took 12 teams that are experts to free that little poor guy named Leo. It also took about 6 hours to free that little guy. Leo wants to actually be a firefighter when he grows up.
    Almost 7 years ago

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