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    i would like a copy of this book i am very passionate about reading it will exceed in my learning and i like this book because it is a very interesting and exiting book .I have read the preview and i could share it with many of my friends and i could pass it down so my friends could also be interested in this book. we could have fun in our book club circle. the cover of this book has my favorite animal and it is the type of book i have been looking for. : P
    About 6 years ago
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    i would like this book because i am really interested in reading. i would also like it because i would like to excel my reading . I could share this book with many of my friends. i could pass my book down to my friends to read and be interested in this book as i am .I am interested in this book because i read the preview. i would share this book in my book club and would also want this book because the title and the cover really describe me. i will soon show my friends the preview and i hope they like it.
    About 6 years ago
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    By Gordon Korman
    About 6 years ago

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