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    Catching fire is my favorite. But Part 1 is the first one, so read that first! I read all 3, and you can't start from book 3, then book 1, then book 2. You have to do 1, 2, 3. Seeing all of the reviews, this one helps by little. All I see in these reviews is 4.5 - 5 Stars, which is amazing for Suzzane Collins. Although i would give the entire series a 4.9 rating, 5 stars for this book. And if you doubt that it is good, you disagree with like 10 million people. Also, a tip, this isn't a book where you read the book and watch the movie. You can watch the movie and then read the book. * I prefer reading the book first, but my buddy says he watched the movie first and still got the story. Suzzane Collins must have made 3 livings after writing this book. All in all, if anyone is interested in reading an amazing book, with fun filled adventures with Catnip and Peter's hunger game experience, read the hunger games!
    Over 9 years ago
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    lolool wants to read this book.
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