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    I've been reading these comments and I just want to say, I know covid has been a disaster and its like the world is turning against us with the ice and the politic craziness and all but a vaccine came out and the scientists worked so hard. They are still work thier hardest for kids under the age of 16 to get the vaccine so we don't need to be rushing. I know how hard it is, I mean I live in Florida and its soooo hard to not go places because my entire life was fun and exciting before the outbreak happened but, we are all in this together and we don't have to be bored...find something to do! watch some new tv shows, play family games, have a small little family cookout with your household! Have a sleepover in your siblings room! There are still so many things you can do. So be confident! #staysafe #wearamask #socialdistance and most of all be happy!! <3
    About 1 year ago
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    About 1 year ago

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