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    I started the series and had to continue it. So far, like all the others, really good book I do recommend this book if you like to read up for the challenge to read a really long book!
    About 5 years ago
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    Hmmmm...Let me think... So a curious little Ravenclaw finishes the entire Harry Potter series and thinks, “The Cursed Child couldn’t be that bad, could it?” So then the fourth year picks up the Cursed Child and starts reading. And that’s when things get ugly. So the Ravenclaw (me), is now writing a review...enjoy. Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, lets do this. So the very first thing I realized is that IT IS NOT EVEN WRITTEN BY J.K ROWLING, UMM...OK The Ravenclaw thought that was weird. Then I was like, “What The heck, it’s still Harry Potter.” Children, do not fall for that trap. The writing started out pretty well then crashed, broke and well... disintegrated. I kind of liked the concept of Harry in the future, but his son was like the stereo-typical-American-boy. He is ashamed because he can’t be like his dad, and therefore JEALOUS from his dad. #1- Why be jealous of your dad? And #2- Why did you make the storyline so predictable? Because...ummm, the original Harry Potter (yes I said original) was nowhere that low. ***********Setting********** The setting was, well, good I guess? The setting was just like the Harry Potter series, so nothing to compare. ***********Characters****** Oh, great, this is gonna take a long time... Albus- Was, well, the “I-am-misunderstood-and-you-guys-hate-me-even-though-i-am-your-son, type of guy. As I mentioned before, he is jealous of his dad because he saved the world. That makes me wanna grab his shoulders, shake him, and tell him, “IF IT ISN’T FOR YOUR DAD YOU WOULDN’T EVEN BE ALIVE!” Then offer him Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. Harry- Was Harry. But it kind of saddened me that he apologized to his kid for doing nothing. But thankfully I was yelling in the background, “HARRY HONEY YOU DID NOTHING WRONG,YOU JUST GAVE BIRTH TO VOLDEMORT’S TWIN!” *haha, not really* Ginny- Was Ginny. Except that she didn’t really take part in the story. Sounds weird? Let me tell you this. Moms care about their children, and Ginny really didn’t care if her son got slaughtered. Ummmm... you’re not the mother of the year. Ron- In The Cursed Child, Ron owns the Weasley’s joke shop. So should I assume that *SPOILER* George is dead too?! *sniff* Hermione- I NEVER KNEW SHES THE MINISTER FOR MAGIC! + Did J.K Rowling ever mention that? I have no idea... In all, no. I wish I never read this book. (Is it a book? Script? A complete disappointment?) But I am a very serious Harry Potter fan so, umm, I’ll give it a two star rating. Just because I am nice. (I think)
    About 5 years ago
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