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    This book seems very interesting. I absolutely love animals and haven't read these kinds of books in a while. Honestly I'm surprised I haven't come across this book. I've read a book about nature and animals and it looks similar to this one. The series is called Warriors by Erin Hunter and it's about cats that rule the forest. Many of my friends are interested in this book but I've never been able to tell them I knew what they were talking about. They haven't read it either since their parents wont buy it for them. With this book I might be able to satisfy them
    Almost 8 years ago
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    After a senseless attack left former fireman Darek Fidyka paralyzed from the waist down in 2010, he never thought he would be able to stand up again. But thanks to a revolutiona...
    Almost 8 years ago
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    Most animals are skittish around people which makes observing them in the wild, a challenging endeavor for researchers. The issue is exacerbated with naturally shy creatures lik...
    Almost 8 years ago

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