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    Problem with the last sentence of this article: How are the people in the UK supposed to elect a new prime minister if the last general election was in 2015? That means that the next election will be in 2020 unless an early election is called. Members of the Conservative party will get to choose a leader who will BECOME the new prime minister but that is a different thing. I think that it was a bad idea to leave the EU. As the article states, the drawbacks highly outweigh the benefits of Brexit. A lot of the leaders of the Brexit campaign turned out to be lies and many of the people that voted to leave are over 50. That means that my generation has to pay for other generations mistakes. And whats more, it looks like the vote of Brexit will break up the rest of the United Kingdom with most of Scotland voting to stay wit the EU. Scotland might decide to have another referendum on whether to leave the UK. This is a huge amount of instability and change with little obvious benefit.
    Over 6 years ago

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