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    The first thing i learned is that the antennas are the things that help it navigate through the world. The second thing learned is that there are Cacroaches that can hiss. The last thing Iearned is that there are some tiny wires. The first question I have is "Could this happen to humans?" and the second question I have "Is this going to be our ride from now on after we get this on an animal?" One thing I found interesting is that now we can have our own remote control cocroaches.
    Almost 9 years ago
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    three things i learned are that nasa plans on using more splash landings insted of runway landings like the discovery and the other space shuttle. another thing i learned is that nasa might be doing another launch into deep space. The last thing I learned is space craft might be able to retrace thier steps. Two things i thoght were intresting are spacecraft might be able to retrace thier steps and nasa might do another deep space launch. one question i have is when is this suposed to happen?
    Almost 9 years ago
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    I learned that there are planets closer to their sun than murcury. planets can go over 5000 degrees ferinhight. days can last single hours. two things that interested me were there is a planet made out of pure iron. planets can get over 5000 degrees. when was Kelper 78b found?
    Almost 9 years ago

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