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    cool_cat318's movie review was featured in Incredibles 2.
    "It defines who I am"-Dash. Incredibles 2 needs no words to describe how INCREDIBLE it was. As soon as I sat down in the cinemas I was feeling jumpy and excited. The plot of it had me starteld and the ending had me on the edge of my seat. Violet, being this insecure teenager in Incredibles 1 has really changed in Incredibles 2. In this movie I feel like Violet has become much more sure of herself and is now even seeing someone. Dash is still his funny self and still as fast as ever, but I find that you don't see as much of him as you did in Incredibles 1. Watching Mrs Incredible (Elastic-girl) go on the journey this time was very enjoyable, and I hope we see another one like it. Mr Incredible was the one who stayed home this time and watching him trying to manage the house, take care of the kids and finding Jack Jack's new powers was very amusing. Jack Jack was the funniest for me. The scene with him and the raccoon has me in tears and I still continue to giggle when I think about it. Overall watching the Incredibles and seeing the kids learn their powers has really been amazing. I REALLY DO recommend you seeing this because it is a great family movie and I am positive it will bring a smile to your face. I give a 10 out of 10 and recommend it for ages 4+
    Over 4 years ago
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    cool_cat318's movie review was featured in Bolt.
    "Penny is my person"-Bolt. This movie is heart filling because I was absolutely was balling by the end of it, but in a good way. In the first 5 minutes I was on the edge of my seat, almost about to fall off. I just thought that it was so sweet that Bolt would go to the end of the world for Penny and when he did I couldn't contain myself much longer. I was so happy and relived at the end it was just such an amazing movie to watch and if I'm ever in doubt for a movie to watch well Bolt will solve my problems. Overall I rate this movie a 8 out of 10 and recommend it for ages 5 and above.
    About 5 years ago
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    cool_cat318's movie review was featured in The Incredibles.
    "I never look back darling"-Edna E Mood. The Incredibles is a phenomenal film-I loved it. It is about a family of superheroes (Helen, Bob, Violet and Dash) who are the towns saviers who have a mission to stop a evil villain by the name of Syndrome, who is planing to take all the glory from The Incredibles and make everyone adore him. But of course the Incredibles will not let that happen. This movie is a fun family film, full of laughs and cheers and I personally could watch it a thousand times and it would not get boring. I rate this movie a 10 out of 10 and recommend it for ages 5+
    Over 5 years ago
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    cool_cat318's movie review was featured in Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens.
    "Longing you seek is not behind you, it's in from of you"-Maz. Star Wars The Force Awakens is a superb movie all on its own but with the extra back round from the other movies makes all that much better. Its about a girl by the name Rey who comes across a man called Finn and together they journey through a never-ending battle. Force Awakens is a heart filling and braking movie at the same time because you do loose some memorable characters on the way. Overall I give this movie a 9 out of 10 and recommend it for ages mature 9+.
    Over 5 years ago
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    cool_cat318's movie review was featured in Spirited Away.
    "Once you've met someone you never really forget them"Chihiro Ogino. Spirited Away is a very emotional movie I think I could fill up a bucket of tears every time I watch it and I've seen it about 4 times now. It's about a girl abou 12 year old girl by the name of Chihiro and her an her parents are just taking a drive around the the village to get to know the streets and people. They come to a leafy part of the village where at the end of it is a massive long tunnel and as they pass through it things start to get more exciting. Spirited Away is very creative movie but there are a few parts where younger viewers might need to be warned about of may not understand. Overall I give this movie a 10 out of 10 and recommend it ages for 6 and above.
    Over 5 years ago
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    cool_cat318's movie review was featured in Inside Out.
    "Crying helps me slow down and obsess life's problems"-Sadness. Inside Out a thrilling yet emotinal movie, I saw it with my family one day and we all left the cinema with tissues in our hands and wet eyes. I've watched this movie about seven times now and a tear always comes to my eye. Inside Out is a very particular movie I must say though, because it does include stuff about consciousness and being aware of how you feel. I recommend this movie for ages 6 and above. Overall I give this movie a 9 out of 10.
    Over 5 years ago

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