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    Niki's enemy, Mackenzie Hollister, has finally left their school! Niki is so relieved. But she is also super annoyed everyone is acting like they are at a funeral that Mackenzie left. When Niki and her crush Brandon go to the Cupcakery, Mackenzie rudely interrupts them. When Niki and Brandon leave, they go to the Fuzzy Friends animal shelter, they find a box with a golden retriever name Holly in the front. Inside the box, there were seven puppies. Brandon told Niki that there wasn't enough room for the dogs. Niki, Chloe, Zoey, and Brandon all took turns taking care for the puppies. But when it was Niki's turn, things did not go very well. Her mom said she could not take the puppies, so Niki snuck them in. Niki's little sister, Brianna, found out about the puppies. She let them out, and they destroyed the living room. Then, while her parents were out, Niki realized Brianna, aka Mrs. Bri Bri, made a peanut butter and mud spa for the puppies. Brandon and his friend Max Crumbly came over and helped clean up. The next day, Niki and Chloe and Zoey snuck the dogs to school as library books. They put them in the principals office, and they almost got caught. In the end, they managed to get the puppies safe.
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