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    I think that other orcas in the wild would be able to pick up human words , but would take them a longer time since Wikie has been around some of the words her whole life and is used to learning how to pick up new skills. This experiment was to prove whether or not orcas can do it Wikie could. This experiment was the evidence that shows that every living thing had to change and adapt to their environment to survive. "The researcher, believes species that have this ability can adapt more easily to changes in their environment and increase their change of survival." Since our society is constantly changing and becoming more high tech, those who were before all these technology can be put in danger but also the number of bad people in the world who chose to kill these mammals for other purposes. They need to learn how to protect themselves and develop skills that would help them survive in this dangerous world to survive.
    Over 4 years ago
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    I like the fact that this was created because it sums up all the predictions being made this year in one paragraph for you instead of having to surf multiple websites to find out all this information.
    Over 4 years ago

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