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    Belle is 17 years old and lives with her father Maurice, who is an inventor. Belle feels out of place in her village, and everybody calls her odd. One day, Maurice went out into the inventors fair. While he was out, he got lost in the woods, and was chased by wolves. He arrived at the a castle, and entered. He ate some food, and rested. Then as he was leaving he realized Belle has asked for a rose. He found some white ones, and picked one. The Beast jumped down, and roared, capturing him. In the village, Belle taught a child to read. Gaston, the villages hero, was in love with Belle, and wanted to marry her. Belle did not like Gaston. Soon, Phillepe, Belle's horse, came back, tired and thirsty. Belle and Phillepe went back to the castle, and Belle took Maurice's place in the prison. Lumiere, and Cogsworth came and gave Belle a room. Then, they did a big show for Belle, and she ate, and ate, and ate. After dinner, Belle snuck upstairs to the West Wing. She saw the rose, and the Beast yelled at her and she left, but was attacked by wolves. The Beast came and saved her. He was hurt. belle took him back to the castle, and healed him. Then Belle and the Beast became friends. Later that night, they danced. Belle missed Maurice, so the Beast set Belle free. Gaston, and Lefou created a mob when Belle showed up and showed the the Beast with her mirror, to prove Maurice was not crazy. Gaston locked Belle and Maurice up, but Belle escaped. Gaston was hurting the Beast, and then Gaston fell off the bridge. Then the curse took over. Belle told the Beast she loved him, and then the spell broke. They had all changed back. And they lived happily ever after.
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