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    I think the article was interesting because how much a earthquake can destroy town and city for people to live in and know dozen people are fear their life's quote on the video cite''since Italy sits on two fault lines, it's known as one of the most earthquake-prone countries in Europe. (1) Italy's Apennine big earthquake 6.2 magnitude woke up residents at 3:36am. (2) As Bologna far north and south as Naples and south of Italy was the quark felt massive destruction and affected was the Amatrica in the Lazio District.
    Almost 6 years ago
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    This article i didn't find interesting because technology has change how people doing thing around the world and get out in bed and especially say if you lost your phone and have the android or apple pay someone use your credit card , the people invest in the product showing how it work and help change people lives then flip around.
    Almost 6 years ago

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