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    So the book was very interesting and it caught my attention because of its name. If it had another name I wouldn't choose it because 39 clues is an interesting name. And also in the back of the book it had a summary of the book which was interesting. (THE 39 CLUES) The book number is 39 because of the amount of series there are. And the author is Rick Ridordan, an American author. He is known for writing the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series, about a teenager named Percy Jackson who discovers he is a son of the Greek god Poseidon. Riordan's books have been translated into forty-two languages and sold more than thirty million copies in the US. His books have spawned related media, such as graphic novels and short story collections. And also there are more authors like peter lerangis, gordon korman, and finally jude watson.The book is about a Fourteen-year-old Amy Cahill and her younger brother Dan who thought they could return to their regular lives when they found the 39 clues. But the Vespers, powerful enemies, will stop at nothing to get the clues. And with the Vespers rising, the world is in jeopardy.The book is good because it gives a lot of detail and fun. And it is important to read the book because it has a lot of facts for 12/13 year olds and the events in the story compared to real life are similar. I enjoyed reading the book because it is interesting and also has 238 pages and I finished reading it in 21 days. I recommend you to read it because it is a good book.The book 39 CLUES VESPERS RISING is a good option for people my age 12/13 years old because it has a good amount of pages and is interesting. Also, the language is simple for anyone to read without using a dictionary or google to search for difficult words. I recommend you to read it because it is very interesting.
    2 months ago
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    By Rick Riordan, Peter Lerangis, Gordon Korman, Jude Watson
    2 months ago

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