Pizza Hut Unveils The World's First Playable DJ Pizza Box

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Photo Credit: Pizza Hut

The world’s two largest pizza chains, Dominos and Pizza Hut, are constantly trying to come up with innovative gimmicks to retain existing customers and attract new ones. While Dominos woos fans by embracing high-tech concepts like delivery robots, Pizza Hut focuses on making the humble delivery box more exciting. In 2015, they introduced a pizza box that could transform into a movie projector and now, one that turns into a fully functioning DJ!

The battery-powered DJ Pizza box, a collaboration between Pizza Hut and printed electronics specialist Novalia, looks like a normal delivery box from the outside. However, flip it open and you will find a complete turntable set-up with two decks, volume sliders, pitch controls, and even a crossfader.

Photo Credit: Pizza Hut

To transform the box into a playable DJ, the user has to first sync it to a smartphone or computer via Bluetooth and connect to any MIDI-compatible DJ software. Once the setup is complete, budding DJ’s can instantly become the life of the party by pressing on the cardboard keys that are laced with conductive ink to make them interactive.

As you may have already guessed, getting your greasy hands on this lightweight DJ turntable is not going to be easy. The limited edition box which was unveiled earlier this month is only available in the United Kingdom, and even worse, at just five of the country’s 350 Pizza Hut locations.

Photo Credit: Pizza Hut

Though that is unfortunate, Pizza Hut did introduce a Flick Football Field pizza box for its US fans this week. Available through October 14, it features a football field printed on top and comes with detachable goal posts, football triangles, and a scorecard. The tabletop game is played by “flicking” the paper balls back and forth across the board and seeing where they land on the scoreboard. The player with the highest score wins. Though it may not be as exciting as the playable DJ, the game board is easier to procure since they are available at all US Pizza Hut locations with the purchase of a medium pie.


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