Video Of The Week — Chinese Student Displays Insane Skill At World Inter-School Rope Skipping Championships


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There were many talented youngsters at the World Inter School Rope Skipping Championships held in Dubai in November 2015. However, none was as impressive as 11-year-old Cen Xiaolin, who skipped an astounding 108 times in 30 seconds. And that is just the count of his right leg jumping over the rope because that is what the judges use for the score. All in all, the young boy managed to skip 216 times during the short period.

Xiaolin was so fast that to get an accurate count, the judges had to replay the video of his record-breaking performance several times in slow motion. If that is not impressive enough, a short time later, he broke a second world record by skipping 548 times in three minutes!

Photo Credit: World Inter School Rope Skipping

The fifth-grader attends Seven Star Primary School in a rural village in Guandong in South China. The school considers skipping a serious sport and requires all students to practice it for 1.5 hours daily. It is therefore not surprising to hear that of the 28 medals up for grabs, 27 were won by students from this incredible elementary school. The team also won the overall group championship.


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