Photo Credit: YouTube (screen capture)

Most centenarians are thrilled to be able to walk. Not Hidekichi Miyazaki! This 105-year-old Japanese man wants to run, and that too, competitively. Hence, it was only natural for "Golden Bot" to celebrate his latest birthday with a record-breaking 100-meter sprint.

The epic race took place on September 23rd, the day after Mr. Miyazaki turned 105. It took the sprinter a mere 42.22 seconds to cover the distance. While that earned him a place in the Guinness World Records as the fastest man in the over 105-year-old category, Mr. Miyazaki was not happy. That's because "Golden Bot" who celebrated by striking a lightning pose just like his namesake Usain Bolt, had hoped to complete the 100-meters in 36 seconds, like he had been able to, during training.

Mr. Miyazaki says he took up running at the age of 90 out of sheer boredom after most of his friends passed away. Since then, the runner has established several records including one for being the fastest 100-year-old. The sprinter who says that even doctors are surprised by his fitness level stays healthy by exercising daily and eating moderately. As for retiring? That is not in the cards for another two to three years - So stay tuned for more record-breaking sprints!