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Photo Credit: Action Productions

How do Londoners react when they see a stranger in distress? Do they ignore the person's plight or rush to help? That is what the folks at Action Productions, a newly established ethically driven creative agency recently tested on the streets of the bustling city.

Photo Credit: Action Productions

The social experiment that was recorded using hidden cameras involved three disparate scenarios. In one, an elderly lady with a cane contemplates how to climb a flight of stairs while lugging a heavy suitcase. In another, a tired subway passenger places a sign on his chest requesting fellow passengers to wake him when the train arrives at a certain station. The third is a classic case of a woman struggling with bags of groceries only to get one knocked down by a careless passerby. To the creative agency's delight, in all three cases, good Samaritans immediately came to the rescue. Each was a serenaded by an A Cappella choir.

Photo Credit: Action Productions

The results of the experiment may not come as a surprise for those that live in small towns with close-knit communities. However, they were in this case because the residents of large metropolitan cities like London have a reputation for being aloof and uncaring. Fortunately, that is not true, at least as far as Londoners go!


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  • hell_boii59
    hell_boii59over 1 year
    lol i thought they were gonna do the i want it that way by the back street boys with the people singing on a train lol
    • iamgood
      iamgoodover 2 years
      so nice
      • animereina2021
        animereina2021over 2 years
        Everyone needs to show kindness, especially this time of year, where there is so much bad going on.
        • Girlover 3 years
          I thnk thet was an amazing video hose people diserve a award now a day people will nochlk something out of yoyr hand just lleave you it can make you feel bad so those pople show being kind is a real thing #bekind
          • mz_3163
            mz_3163over 3 years
            it shows integrity
            • hialmost 4 years
              I defiantly would help those people!!!!!
              • chinaalmost 4 years
                awesome articale and very meaning articale
                • thankalmost 4 years
                  • hialmost 4 years
                    so nice
                    • hamburgeralmost 4 years
                      love this though so nice