Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade Celebrates 25th Anniversary


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Many U.S. cities host Halloween dog parades. However, few compare to the one held at New York City's Tompkins Square Park. The tremendously competitive event attracts over 300 pooches and their proud owners who fly in from all over the country and spend an inordinate amount of time and money crafting the perfect costumes. This year's event that took place on October 24th was even more special given it was the famous contest's 25th anniversary!

Thousands of spectators flocked to the park to admire the line-up that included superheroes, hotdogs, lobsters, and even characters from the Flintstones and the Wizard of Oz. The recent release of Jurassic Park inspired many Dino-dogs. Among them was Daisy Mae, a dachshund, turned Stegosaurus, who proudly strutted around in her costume alongside her beaming owner, Robert Krzywicki.

Photo Credit: Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade/Facebook

Jean Hsu and Liz Bressler transformed their dogs, Karl a Pomeranian, and Chase a toy poodle, into delicious looking sushi rolls, complete with giant chopsticks.

The owner of paralyzed rescue dogs Maury and Little Miss Lexi creatively turned the doggy wheelchairs into Google Maps Street views. Dachshunds Eli and Emily impressed the crowds in their identical minion costumes. Also present was Super(man)dog and Back to the Future's Marty McFly, who arrived in his time machine.

Of course, no parade is complete without some celebrity appearances. In attendance was Ruby, an Australian Shepherd mix, impersonating as Donald Trump complete with the Republican Presidential candidate's signature suit and silver hair. A stately looking Pope Francis AKA Jojo was accompanied by his owner, Michelle Guillen, who was dressed as a nun.

2015 winners of Best of Show (Photo Credit: Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade/Facebook

Though all the costumes (and dogs) were incredible, it was two Chihuahuas, a Yorkshire Terrier and their owners who impressed the judges the most with their Dia del los Muertos (Day of the Dead) themed outfits. In addition to winning the coveted "Best of Show" title at this incredibly fierce competition, the Dallas-based family also took home an Apple Watch!

Are you planning to take your pet to a Halloween costume contest? If so, let us know what he/she is going as by adding your comment below.

Have a Happy And Safe Halloween!


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