Penguins are known for many things - their charming looks, cheerful Christmas spirit, high-diving prowess and . . . dancing skills? Apparently so, for how else can you explain the penguin dance fever that is spreading across the world and has even charmed the normally staid residents of Saudi Arabia?

Though dubbed 'The Muslim Gangnam Style', penguin dance mania is believed to have started in Romania in 2010. The simple but contagious dance then spread south to the neighboring countries of Bulgaria, Albania, Turkey and is now taking Saudi Arabia by storm.

Penguin dance has become so popular in this Islamic nation, that it is being performed in streets, playgrounds and even weddings. Only time will tell if the 'Muslim Gangnam Style' will peter out like its western namesake, but for now, the country is gripped in 'penguin dance' fever!

Oh, and in case you are interested, this is how it goes: two steps to the right, two to the left, one hop forward, one hop back, three hops to the front and then . . . do it all over again!