Cute Circuit Debuts Wearable Technology At New York Fashion Week


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CuteCircuit, a company known for its exquisite light-up designs dubbed 'wearable technology', has slowly but surely, been making its way into the mainstream market. Fashion icons like Nicole Scherzinger and Katy Perry have proudly donned their innovative creations on several occasions. So it was not surprising to see the company make its runway debut on the grandest stage of all - The New York Fashion Week!

Held on February 12th at New York's Hudson Hotel, it was the first time, wearable technology has been featured on a runway at a major international fashion week. Cute Circuit did not disappoint. It's models who wore identical platinum blonde wigs and high heels, strutted on the stage dressed in a range of interactive haute couture - from evening gowns to formal suits.

As they walked, each gave a little glimpse of the cool technology that was built into their outfit. One transformed her plain-looking skirt into a work of art with a live video feed featuring a tiger, whilst another, pulled off a 'Katniss' with a dress that seemed to be erupting in flames. Also included in the collection were shirts with live tweets, as well as, the world's first interactive handbag! For those seeking more down-to-earth everyday wear, there were clothes that displayed subtle sparkles thanks to the LED's embedded inside. And while they made it look magical, the models were all controlling their outfits using a smartphone with the company's proprietary app called 'Q'!

All in all, the line displayed the versatility that has been a key element of CuteCircuit's creations since the company was founded in 2004. Designers Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz emphasize that unlike clothes that are covered in 'sequins', CuteCircuit's technology allows the wearer to have full control over when to 'shine' and when to blend in! This means that the outfits can be worn for both work and play - on the same day!

To showcase the lighter side of their interactive clothing, the duo also demonstrated their HugShirt. As the name indicates it allows people to send hugs to loved ones who are not in the same vicinity. Fitted with sensors and actuators, the shirts create a sensation similar to that of a real cuddle. However, in order to send one, both parties must run use a Bluetooth technology. And while the receiver has to be wearing the shirt in order to feel the hug, it can be 'sent' using a special computer software, by even those that do not own the HugShirt.

As we get increasingly comfortable with incorporating technology into every aspect of our daily lives, wearable technology might just become the next big thing. But in order for that to happen it does have to become more affordable.,

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