Video Of The Week - Silly Putty Reborn With A 'Sandy' Twist


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What is better than silly putty - that gooey mixture that flows like a liquid when handled gently, but turns as hard as a rock, when punched or stomped upon? How about one that flows through your hand like sand but can still be used to shape your favorite creations?

That, is exactly what Sweden-based arts and crafts company Delta of Sweden, seems to have conjured up with Delta or Kinetic Sand as it has been renamed by Colorado-based WABA Fun who is now selling the product in the USA. Made from 98% silicon dioxide AKA sand, and 2% polydimethyl siloxane (PDS) a nontoxic material that allows it to be malleable, Kinetic Sand is naturally antimicrobial and reputed to never dry out. It is supposedly also gluten free but hopefully, most of us are not planning to snack on it!

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