Stubborn, Ambitious Or A Visionary? Your Choice Of Ice Cream Reveals It All


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While you may believe that the flavor of ice cream you order is a random decision, Dr. Alan Hirsh, the founder of Chicago-based Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation begs to differ. He believes that it reveals some interesting insights into the person's character and has unveiled it all in a study he conducted for Baskin Robbins, in honor of National Ice Cream month. Curious to find out what your choice says about you? Read on!

Always the plain Vanilla fan? Then you must be impulsive and an idealist. For those that prefer the brighter, sunnier looking Rainbow Sherbet, there is mixed news - The good news is that you are very analytic and decisive, the bad? You are a pessimist!

Want to be perceived as a competitive, ambitious visionary like Steve Jobs? Then you may want to pick Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! Like just plain Chocolate? Then you must be lively, dramatic and the life of every party!

Very Berry Strawberry eaters are tolerant, devoted and generally introverts, while Rocky Road lovers tend to be aggressive, but also, engaging and good listeners.

Keep away from those Mint Chocolate Chip lovers though - They tend to be argumentative and very frugal, which means that you may end up paying for their ice cream too! Instead, you may want to hang out with plain Chocolate Chip lovers who are not only generous but also competent and go-getters!

People that like to order exotic flavors like Jamoca and Pralines 'n Cream seem to have equally interesting personality traits - Those that like the former are scrupulous, conscientious and moral perfectionists, while Praline lovers are loving, supportive and rather shy!

The one thing the study that was done on group of adults between the ages of 18-65 does not reveal, is the personality of an ice cream lover who likes to order multiple flavors each time! Do you think your choice of ice cream flavor reveals the real you? Be sure to let us know, by adding your comments below!

Happy National Ice Cream Month!


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