Tardar Sauce AKA Grumpy Cat Goes To Hollywood!

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The next time your parents berate you for pulling a face, point them to Tardar Sauce, a two-year old mixed breed feline whose fame and notoriety for being a 'sourpuss' has landed her a plum role in a Hollywood film alongside superstars like Seth Rogan and Jack Black.

And if you think the main attraction will be the actors, think again - Not only is the theme of the movie going to be completely based on the cranky-looking Tardar Sauce, who will be gifted with the power to talk aloud a la Garfield, but she is also, going to be largely responsible for its success. That's because with over 870,000 Facebook fans and more than 88,000 Twitter followers, the two-year-old who has guest starred on every major talk show in the country, is famous in her own right.

Grumpy cat was also named 2012's Most Influential Cat and Most Important Meme, by MSNBC and social media news site Mashable, respectively. Not impressed? How about this? She has her own branded merchandise at retailers like Walmart and Hot Topic, has starred in numerous Friskies ads and at a recent meet and greet at South by Southwest Interactive in Austin,Texas, drew in thousands of fans who waited patiently in line for many hours to shake her paw.

What's even more stunning about her fame is the pace at which it has escalated. Until September 2012, she was just an ordinary feline living in Morristown, Arizona. Then, her owner posted a video of her on user-generated news site Reddit.com and the rest as they say, is history.

Tardar Sauce's sour looks appealed to so many people that she instantly became a viral sensation. And in case you are wondering if all this fame will make her break out into even the tiniest of smiles, the answer is no - That's because the cat suffers from an under-bite and a condition of dwarfism, which combined, ensure this dour expression and not even the fact that she may soon be a millionaire, can change that! But Tardar Sauce better be careful - One misstep and her throne may be toppled by Britain's Mr. Pipp, who is not only grumpier looking, but also, has a sour demeanor to match.

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