What Could Happen In A Minute? A Lot If It Is An 'Internet' Minute!


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What can one do in a minute? Read a page, have a short conversation with a friend or if you are as fast as Usain Bolt, maybe even run 600 meters? While these may seem like big accomplishments, they will seem woefully little, once you realize what happens in an 'Internet' minute.

According to the results of a recently done study by California-based chipmaker Intel Corporation here are just some of the things that take place in one short minute worldwide - 204 million e-mails are sent out, 47,000 apps are downloaded, $83,000 USD worth of goods are sold on Amazon, 6 million Facebook pages and 1.3 million YouTube video clips are viewed and the equivalent of more than 61,000 hours of music is played on Pandora.

If just reading about all this is making your head spin, think about this - The study has only taken into account the world's biggest social networking and commerce sites - There are millions of other things that take place that aren't even included.

And, as smartphones and internet access proliferates, these numbers can only increase. In fact Intel expects them to double, within just the next two years!

Not only does it bring a whole new perspective to the oft-said phrase 'Just a minute', but it also makes one wonder how we all survived before the Internet. While most of you cannot relate to those 'ancient' times, all you need to do is ask your parents or maybe even an older sibling, for believe it or not, all this social media and commerce did not even exist, just a decade ago.

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