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If you are an aspiring writer and have always dreamt about the day when a world-famous author would not only read your manuscript, but also, shower you with prizes then that day has finally arrived - At least for those of you that are attending 4th-8th grade. That's because Pseudonymous Bosch, the best-selling author of The Secret Series is looking for you right here, on DOGOnews!

All you have to do is participate in our inaugural fictional writing contest that is being sponsored by Little, Brown, the publisher of the The Secret Series and the soon to be available, 'Write this Book: A-Do-It-Yourself Mystery'.

To enter, you can do one of three things - Click here, on the colorful poster in the right hand column on your DOGOnews page or go the contest tab on

Then watch the video and listen carefully to instructions from Pseudonymous Bosch. After that scroll down, log into your IDOGO account and you are ready to roll.

Select from one of three categories - Funny, Mysterious or Strange and begin weaving your fictional tale. Remember, any entries that contain facts about yourself or your life or even worse, any foul language and/or gibberish, will be automatically disqualified!

Also, your story has to range between 100-300 words. Anything shorter or longer will not be accepted. Remember to edit your work and also check your spellings and grammar before you hit the submit button because once you do, there is no turning back!

And, while your work is now done, we will be unable to send the entry to the author until we have your Parental Consent on file. So make sure you print one out and have your parent/guardian fill it, sign it and send it to us either via e-mail at or via snail mail to the corporate office address specified on the form.

Now, you can kick back and let Pseudonymous Bosch do all the work - For believe it or not, he is going to read every single entry and decide the winner in each of the three categories. Those lucky individuals will receive a set of the entire collection of 'The Secret Series', as well as, his new book- 'Write this Book: A-Do-It-Yourself Mystery' - All autographed by the author of course!

So sharpen those pencils, clear those cobwebs and let that imagination soar! But do it soon - Because though the competition is open until April 30th, 2013, if you are amongst the first 30, you will receive a copy of - Write this Book: A-Do-It-Yourself Mystery', for simply entering!

If you are still unclear about any of the rules, let us know by writing in a comment and we will try reply the best we can.

Best of Luck!

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  • lpsbrooklyn13
    lpsbrooklyn13over 3 years
    I'm great at writing and drawing comics and books!!!! Feel free to hire me LOL!!!!
  • yukiover 5 years
    i wish it wasn't long ago
    • yukiover 5 years
      i have never noticed this i am too late.
      • yukiover 5 years
        i have always wanted to be a writer but am too scared that people will laugh.
        • bekahboo
          bekahbooabout 6 years
          yeah my sister should have but that was along timeago
          • hummingbird1
            hummingbird1over 6 years
            I wish I would've entered.
            • chocolateloveralmost 7 years
              Oh wow! I love his books...they are soooooo awesome!!!!!!!
              • isastarplayerover 7 years
                im writing a novel already
                • iluvmilkas
                  iluvmilkasover 7 years
                  Cool i want to be a journalist when i get older and maybe become a book writer. i love to imagine what i can do when i get older it encourages me to go to collage and make some new friends. Sounds like im having a good day maybe i am.
                  • wickedabout 8 years
                    I am good at writing