Video Of The Week - Chinese Workers Carry Thousands Of Alligators To Winter Home


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Photo Credit: By J. Patrick Fischer (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

Like many animals, China's Yangtze alligators like to spend winters hibernating inside dark holes that they dig on the sides of the lakes they reside in. That however is not an option for the 8,000 residents of the nature reserve in Xuancheng City in the Southeast Province of Anhui, because their manmade lakes are built using cement.

Therefore every year around this time, brave park workers physically lift each of the terrifying reptiles and carry them indoors to warm rooms. As if that is not scary enough, before being delivered to their winter homes, they have to be cleaned and checked for injuries. In April, when the weather warms up, the trek is reversed and reptiles are hauled back to their outdoor pools. Yikes!

American Alligator (Photo Credit: Skeetdeloach at English Wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Indigenous to eastern China, the Yangtze or Chinese alligator is one of only two species of alligators left in the world. While it looks similar to the American alligator, it is a lot smaller. Most adults grow up to a maximum of 5 feet and weigh only about 80 pounds. In contrast, American alligators can get up to 13 feet long and weigh as much as 790 pounds! Another big difference? The Yangtze alligator is on the critically endangered list, which is why preserving the few that are left, is so crucial.

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  • gbernal6
    gbernal6over 2 years
    im a really big fan of crocodilians so i hope the yangtze aliigator goes extinced like for one chinese alligator to apear
    • HEWEDabout 3 years
      alligators cant be treated like that!
      • posyabout 3 years
        alligators are soo cool i would hold one any day! i dream of huggong one tho 2
        • Pinkover 3 years
          I can not imagine holding g an alligator!!!
          • 1000101101over 3 years
            me hope these alligaters dont go extinced
            • Ivana Benguricover 3 years
              Thats crazy
              • mlgover 4 years
                Why would this mode of 'transport' not work for America
                • DJover 5 years
                  what is up my dudes and dudets
                  • Alligator loveralmost 6 years
                    I hope all the Chinese alligators don't go extinct!😨😨
                    • Alligator loveralmost 6 years
                      How much do the alligators weigh,eat, are they predators or are they prey?