Elegant Coffee Table Doubles Up As A Playhouse


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'Please do not play with your toys on the living room furniture!' - If that is something you hear more often than you care for, you are in luck. That's because thanks to award winning British toy and furniture designer Amy Whitworth, your parents may actually invite and even, encourage you to bring your toys in and play not just on, but with the living room furniture. Playhouse by day, coffee table by night, the ingenious Qubis Haus is a win-win for all!

The innocent looking centerpiece can be transformed into a toy in a matter of minutes. What's even more amazing is that it can be set up in many different configurations, which means one can have a new house every day! And while the instructions do come with some design suggestions, according to Amy, the possibilities are only limited by one's imagination.

And if you are thinking this toyhouse is for girls only, think again! For one it is a classy neutral brown, instead of the bright pink that such houses normally seem to sport. Also, Amy has built it just right size for those Star Wars characters to reside in - In fact, Barbies will not even be allowed to enter since they are too big! And best of all, because the walls/backdrops can be made to order, the coffee table can transform into beautiful palace or . . . . A control deck for a starship! Pretty cool!

Of course, what is a dollhouse without furniture? The Qubis Haus comes with full sets for the bedroom, living room and the dining room. But something even more marvelous is that all the pieces of furniture are magnetic, so they stay put! And for those creative kids that like to build their own, the company has added some regular building blocks too! Also, to ensure that your friend's Qubis Haus does not look exactly like yours, the furniture can be ordered in a variety of different fabrics.

As you may have guessed this toy/table does cost a hefty $630 USD - A price that does not include the furniture. But the fact that you will be able spend some quality time with your parents' and play at the same time, makes it priceless, doesn't it?

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