From Airplanes to Earthquakes - The Top 3 Wackiest Restaurants in the World 


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There are several aspects that customers look for in a restaurant. Cleanliness, friendliness, and also good food. But this time we looked for wackiness. We searched the globe for the most absurd, insane, breath-taking restaurants yet, and here are the final three that met all our criteria and more!

Special Enjoyment Restaurant In China

Some people don't like planes because of the meals they serve, but residents in Chongqing, China can't seem to wait to get aboard this airplane that goes . . . . . . . nowhere! The recently opened 'Special Enjoyment' restaurant mimics world's largest passenger airplane, the Airbus A380.

Starting from the windows to the adjustable seats, lighting and even carpets, the restaurant looks and feels just like the real deal. So authentic is the atmosphere that the restaurant's staff of nine waitresses had to undergo several weeks of training to dress, act and even apply makeup like the flight attendants. Also, just as in a real airplane, customers have many class choices - ranging from plain vanilla seating (economy) to a private booth for couples (business) and even a private room that fits 8 (first). However, no matter where they choose to sit, the menu is the same and costs an average of 10,000 Yuan ($1,590) per person - Definitely not for diners looking for a cheap thrill!

The Bird's Nest-aurant In Thailand

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If you have ever wondered what a bird sees when it is resting in its nest you are in luck! That's because at the Soneva Kiri Resort in Thailand, you can not only climb into a nest that is suspended 16ft. above the ground, but also, have a gourmet meal.

What's even more fun is that the food is brought to the nest by acrobatic waiters traversing on a zip-line. The menu consists of traditional Thai as well fresh fish caught from the bay that lies across the nest. Of course, this kind of view and server theatrics do not come cheap - A typical dinner for two will set back the diners about 14,000 baht ($448 USD) - But then again, where else will you get to experience what being inside a bird's nest feels like.

The Disaster Cafe In Spain

When an earthquake hits your town most people try to evacuate as quick as possible, but the citizens of Lloret de Mar, Spain are willing to pay to be in middle of an earthquake while having dinner. In fact, people are so eager to experience the 7.8 simulated shake that the restaurant is booked many weeks in advance.

Unlike the other two restaurants, Disaster Cafe looks just like any other regular cafe from the outside. But step inside and disaster awaits you. Patrons are taken into an elevator to a cave-like restaurant area AKA "The depth of earth".

Once there, they are led to their tables by employees donned in hard hats and all sorts of safety equipment to protect themselves against falling objects during the giant quakes. Unfortunately, diners do not have the same luxury and whilst no injuries have ever been reported, there has been plenty of drink spillage over the years, which is the reason diners are requested not to wear their finest silks!

The scariest thing and probably what keeps bringing customers back is the surprise factor - Just as in real-life the earth could rumble any time and as many time at it wants, during the meal. As for the food? When you are battling between life and death, does that even matter?


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  • gold3nglare
    gold3nglareover 2 years
    Wait why would they make a disaster cafe??
    • Hiabout 4 years
      Wait, I’m confused, sooooo..... the restraint causes the earthquakes on purpose?
      • canecorso10over 4 years
        i think the disaster diner is cool cause i never dress fancy and it's kind of cool that it has earthquakes
        • applemango
          applemangoover 4 years
          I wouldn't like the disaster cafe very much, but I do like the airplane and maybe the bird nest.
          • ellasin
            ellasinover 4 years
            I want to go to the Disaster Cafe.
            • iEzokover 4 years
              The airplane looks sick to eat and ride in
              • infernodragon
                infernodragonabout 5 years
                how do you get up there?
                • tazzover 5 years
                  • ay9over 5 years
                    • girl wolfyover 5 years
                      hay this is boring