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Every kid and adult knows how hard and time-consuming it is to make one's bed. First you have to lift and fluff the pillows, then flatten the comforter and tuck it all the way to the top and last, but not least, place the pillows above. Whew! That's a lot of hard work early in the morning. What's worse is that within a few hours, it is rumpled all over again.

Now Spanish furniture company OHEA has finally come up with a smart bed - Simply hit a switch when you wake up and voila, your mom will think you spent hours making it all neat and tidy. For those too lazy to even hit a switch, there is an automatic mode that uses sensors to determine when the person has left and ensures that the bed is made up immediately!

Since the entire process takes a mere 50 seconds, it opens up a number of exciting possibilities - Like having time to eat breakfast maybe? The only unfortunate part is that the OHEA smart bed is not available in stores yet, but we have a feeling that day is not too far off!


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  • deafgirlhistory
    deafgirlhistoryabout 1 year
    OMG!! I now want this!!! That is just so crazy that bed can make bed by itself, i am so impressed by this!
    • 4909addie
      4909addieabout 2 years
      I agree with a lot of you because I do think it could hurt you and stuff and I also think it is kinda lazy of people because it does not take that long to make you bed.
      • tree11
        tree11about 3 years
        I agree with @ginnypanda444 some what. But they probably are still fixing the issue. Really cool bed hope I had enough money. Ha ha ha i don't have the money for that.
        • ajg16
          ajg16over 5 years
          I think its a cool idea especially for people who have jobs and have to wake up early. But what would happen if it started making your bed in the middle of the night? Or your brother/sister clicked the Button to play a 'prank' and you get hurt? And like @ginnypanda444 said things like this are crazy expensive. I couldn't see myself or my parents paying for something that you could do easily. Maybe if it wasn't super expensive and they made it more safe (if it isn't safe) it would be an amazing idea. But I don't know I see a lot of good things and questionable things in the comments...
          • kittylover8786
            kittylover8786over 5 years
            These people just want to be lazy, and just because you just woke up is not an excuse I agree with GinnyPandas444 like, couldn't that hurt you?
            • ethanabout 7 years
              they are just lazy and they are paying lots of money
              • evilchickennuggabout 7 years
                Awesome cause im lazy like crazyyyyyyy
                • theonlyloki
                  theonlylokiover 7 years
                  I agree with sweet panda
                  • walton4
                    walton4over 7 years
                    • tyabout 8 years
                      I want one of those!