Lucky Diamond, New York's Most Pampered Pooch is Looking For a Groom (Or Bride)!

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Move over Boo, here comes Lucky Diamond, Manhattan's most pampered and famous pooch. The good news is that your pet has a chance of sharing some of her fame too. That's because the Maltese dog is getting married on July 12th, to a yet to be selected groom. Interested? Read on . . . .

Lucky's life which is currently spent jet setting with animal activist and television star Wendy Diamond, had always been quite cushy. However in 1999, the Maltese then known as Chloe, was facing a dire situation. Her owners were getting old and did not have the energy to deal with the young energetic puppy. Fortunately Wendy, who had just discovered the dire statistics about 12 million animals being euthanized annually, found out and decided to adopt her. That same year, she also founded Animal Fair, a non-profit dedicated to the fair treatment and protection of animals. Thanks to her and Lucky's incessant hard work at raising public awareness, animal euthanizations are down 58%.

Lucky, who became the face of Animal Fair, took to her owner so well that she began to suffer from separation anxieties. So, Wendy started carrying the 8lbs. pooch around wherever she went, which in her case meant hobnobbing with celebrities. That's when she came up with the brilliant idea of taking a picture with each one. Lucky has posed with so many famous people ranging from Twilight star Kristen Stewart to former US President Bill Clinton and even, Kermit the Frog, that she recently broke the Guinness World Record for being the most-photographed animal with celebrities.

After leading such a charmed life for so many years and helping hundreds of other homeless animals along the way, Lucky's life took a rather unfortunate turn about 3 months ago, when she was diagnosed with spleen cancer and given only a few months to live.

That's when Wendy decided to make the last few months of her pet's life her most memorable by planning a 'fairy tail' wedding. In anticipation of the July 12th event, she threw Lucky an elaborate shower at the Muse Hotel in New York City. The radiant bride to-be wore a frilly pink dress and hobnobbed with the 32 pals and their human parents.

Now Wendy's energies are focused on the wedding - Slated to be the world's most expensive dog wedding, it will be celebrated in the presence of 300 guests and their pets. Lucky will have a dog ring bearer as well as a dog flower girl - No word if there are going to be any bridesmaids as well!. As for the food and entertainment? There will be an elaborate gourmet buffet for both the pets and the humans and live music played by an animal sensitive orchestra. The only detail that hasn't been finalized yet, is who the groom will be - That, is where you come in.

Wendy has organized a contest inviting people from all across the country to send in a picture of their pet to Animal The only requirement to be considered is that he/she has to be friendly, outgoing and not camera shy. The entries will be accepted till June 28th, 2012. After that, she will ask Lucky's fans to vote for who they think will make the perfect partner. The entry with the most Facebook 'likes', will win the honor of becoming the ailing dog's groom(or bride).

While this may all seem facetious and somewhat shallow, the 'wedding' is actually a fundraiser for the American Humane Society and costs $200 USD per person to attend. Also, while Lucky's groom will not be moving in to live with Wendy in New York, he/ she will become the new face of Animal Fair once the Maltese has passed on. So, if you think your pet is ready to become famous for a good cause, be sure to send a photo to, before the June 28th deadline.

Update As Of 6/6/2012

Unfortunately, Lucky Diamond did not live long enough to see who her fans picked for her. The 15-year old pooch succumbed to her cancer and passed away peacefully in the New York City Apartment she shared with her owner Wendy, on June 5th, 2012. May her soul rest in peace!


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