Barack Obama Re-Elected President Of The United States Of America!


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On November 6th, 2012, an estimated 126 million Americans braved long lines to cast their vote for the candidate they believed was best suited to lead the country for the next four years. As had been expected, the race was close but by 8.30pm PST, most television networks were predicting that President Barack Obama had obtained the 270 electoral votes that he needed to be re-elected.

As of now, President Obama has won 303 electoral votes while Mitt Romney has 206 votes. These numbers could change a little given the race between the two was so close in Florida that there is still no clear winner. But even if Mitt Romney wins, it will add only another 29 electoral votes to his total, not enough to change the outcome. While the popular votes are still being complied, so far it seems that the President is in the lead with 58,720,700 votes compared to Mitt Romney's 56,145,950.

But, all this is information you probably already know. Here are some fun election facts that you may not be aware of.

In addition to being re-elected, the President also broke three social media world records. His 'Four more years' 'tweet' accompanied by a beautiful picture of him and the first lady, was re-tweeted over 350,000 times - far surpassing previous record holder Justin Bieber's 'RIP Avalanna. i love you', that was re-tweeted a mere 223,376 times.

The President also broke two Facebook records - Both for a post made on his Facebook page on November 7th 2012 which garnered the most Likes on a Facebook item in 24 hours and the most Likes on the Social networking site ever. This adds to his existing two records - The first African American to be elected President and, the first President with regular e-mail access!

And for all you Social Studies fans, President Obama is only the sixth Democrat to be re-elected to office. The other five are Bill Clinton, Harry Truman, Franklin Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Grover Cleveland. Also, though popular press insists on calling him our 44th President he is technically our 43rd because, Grover Cleveland is counted twice, since he won two non consecutive terms!


Finally, according to calculations done by nonpartisan group, Center for Responsive Politics estimates that the two candidates spent a total of $6 billion USD on the campaign, making it the most expensive election ever and surpassing the previous record by a whooping $700 million USD. While the number includes funds spent by the campaigns, outside groups, and independent organizations, a large chunk of it went to over one million television ads that we were all bombarded with for the last six months! No wonder we are all going through a little election fatigue right now!

However, the good news is that it is all finally over, which means that it is time for Americans to unite and support their leader even if he is not someone they chose and get the country out of the economic doldrums that it currently is in - Something that Americans are pretty good at doing!

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  • alssyaabout 6 years
    obama is amazing
    • WILLIAMabout 6 years
      • blessedkarl
        blessedkarlabout 6 years
        Great job Obama! Thank you for your service as the president! :)
        • akmt
          akmtabout 6 years
          Good job Obama I knew you could do it
          • Annabeth chaseabout 6 years
            Yes I knew he could do it
            • swirlycool
              swirlycoolabout 7 years
              my dad says he not gonna be president next year but its fine if we geta 'nother nice president
              • jazzkazz
                jazzkazzabout 7 years
                it doesn't matter to me... I am not even close to 18!...
                • diamondkid
                  diamondkidalmost 8 years
                  He's been running 4 years in a row.
                  • ghosrideralmost 8 years
                    i just what a nice president
                    • hollman2
                      hollman2almost 8 years
                      i dont care who wins as long as its a nice president