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On August 3rd, 1492 an Italian explorer by the name of Christopher Columbus set sail from Palos de la Frontera, Spain to seek out a new route to India. On October 12th, 1492, after sailing across the Atlantic Ocean for 10 weeks, a crew member sighted land and the adventurer thought he had arrived . . . . . To India.

Of course, as we all know it was not the Asian subcontinent, but a small island in the Bahamas that Columbus named San Salvador. Since then, the explorer's arrival is celebrated by many countries in the Americas and also Spain.

In the USA it is called Columbus or Discoverer's day and is observed on the second Monday of October. Latin Americans call it Dia De La Raza, while the Spanish call it Dia De La Hispanidad. Both, celebrate it on October 12th, the actual day the Spaniard reached the mainland of what he thought was India. Whether you are celebrating it today or four days from now, have a great holiday.

Happy Columbus Day!


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    hi this is so so sos os good
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      yes so good !
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        its so good
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          dont get it
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              Columbus day Awesome
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                  cool video
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                    in this artcle i have been reading,it is about a ltalian explorer named cristophor culmbus. cristophor culmbus set sail from a much more easy way to go to spain.( i forgot to say that he started travling in palos de la frontera.) i have some big opinons about mr. columbus here. i think..... even thought he greatly discovered spain and all that ,i think he is a no good cheat! i looked on the internet and found out that when he came to america he called us dumd! one vocab word in here is...spain. spain is a contry yhat is in asia! hi mrs. o!
                    • Magieabout 10 years
                      Cool in school we are learning about explores