Chinese 'Cat-Boy' Has Built-In Night Vision


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The ability to see clearly when it is pitch dark is possessed only by animals, heroic mutants like the X-Men and if experts are to be trusted . . . . A young boy who lives in a remote Chinese village!

Nong Youhui's parents who in China's Guanxi Province noticed their son's eyes were different the day he was born. Instead of black or dark brown, the common color for Asian babies, they were a light blue. Even more intriguing was the fact, that when a flashlight was shined upon them, they would emit a bluish-green light just like the eyes of a feline. However, when the concerned parent's consulted with the village doctor, he assured them they would turn to black or dark brown, as he grew older.

Since the young boy was normal in every other way, the parents soon got used to his beautiful eyes and life went on as usual. Then a few years ago, Nong Youhui's teacher heard him complaining about how difficult it was for him to see in the bright sunlight. When a fellow classmate casually joked that his eyes resembled that of a cat, the curious teacher decided to shine a flashlight into young Nong's eyes - They in turn, flashed back.

When he asked Nong if he could see in the dark, the young boy affirmed. To test his assertion the teacher invited him to capture crickets on a dark night - Sure enough, the young boy needed no human manufactured light - His shining eyes were enough to catch the critters.

This revelation, which came about in 2009, has changed Nong Youhui's life forever. As word spread, experts from all over the world flew in to examine his unearthly power. Turns out, that he is born with a rare genetic condition, which makes it a little difficult for him to see in bright sunlight, but allows for perfect vision in the dark.

Cat-Boy, as he is now called, has become world famous and recently, even earned himself a spot in a brand new Guinness World Record category - The first human who can see in the dark! How cool is that?

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  • wolfy_blue
    wolfy_bluealmost 2 years
    Hm. I wonder how thats even possible.
    • x_goddess_x
      x_goddess_xalmost 2 years
      Wow! Creepy and super cool!
      • bangarangwolf
        bangarangwolfalmost 3 years
        I can sort of do that, while I don't have night vision, I see perfectly fine at night...though it's probably because of all those years of waking up in the middle of the night and walking around the house with my spazzy cat Bijou.
        • bookstory14
          bookstory14almost 4 years
          Wow!! That's super cool! I wish I could do that!!!
          • Deadshotalmost 5 years
            That guys eyes are similar to mine
            • puppy girlalmost 5 years
              that would be cool to have but what would you use it for?
              • WolfDogabout 5 years
                Seriously wish I had that :O
                • eco
                  ecoabout 5 years
                  That's AMAZING!!!
                  • Zayley cabreraabout 5 years
                    Me tooooooooo
                    • Queen Elisabethover 5 years
                      I wish I had powers