Can You Spot The Endangered Animals?

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The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is an international non-profit organization that is constantly trying to remind us to do the right thing to save the Earth - whether it be by protecting endangered wildlife and environments, reversing global warming or, using our limited natural resources in a sustainable manner.

In order to increase public awareness of these rather dire issues, they rely heavily on advertisement campaigns. Over the years, they have come up with some really creative ones, designed so that they are powerful, eye-catching and most importantly, get the message across.

This recent one however, is the most fun because it involves some sharp observation skills. While at first sight it looks just like a picturesque rainforest, look closer and you will be able to find something else - animals. These, of course are not just random animals, but those that are at risk of becoming endangered if, we do not stop deforestation.

Though forests still cover 30 percent of earth, they are diminishing at an alarming rate. WWF estimates that in the last 40 years, we have managed to decimate about 20% of the Amazon forest, which amazingly enough is more than the amount cut down in the previous 450 years! Experts fear that if the rate of deforestation continues, we will lose all our rainforests by the year 2051!

Hopefully, this powerfully graphic reminder will help at least curb the rate, which brings us to the real question - How many animals were you able to spot without looking at the poster below? Be sure to let us know by adding your comments - Remember, no cheating!


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  • jdhsgfjljflkshdalmost 6 years
    wow! cool game.
    • :)almost 6 years
      JEEZ! that was super hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      • hiover 6 years
        you should take care of our environment ppl :/
        • jeepguy
          jeepguyover 6 years
          That is really cool
          • megacharizardx
            megacharizardxover 6 years
            We should take more care of our environment
            • peytonabout 7 years
              • bepbobalmost 8 years
                we might be the only animals living who knows
                • lockover 8 years
                  not cool
                  • gso44
                    gso44over 8 years
                    Im trying to save endangered animals in Africa! My friend and I are raising money for the AWF aka the African Wildlife Foundation. I encourage the rest of you to do the same. Think of how much we humans do. Leaving wrappers on the floor, not recycling, everything from not recycling to killing endangered animals hurts the endangered animals.
                    • kk_queen
                      kk_queenalmost 7 years
                      awesome i wish more people cared as much as you and your friends do.
                    • nikukyu
                      nikukyuover 8 years
                      The more that we trash the environment, the more lives of animals will drop like flys. Seriously, if we don't stop this mess, who will? Every single one of us can make a change. It doesn't have to be a big step. We just have to pitch in, then we will make a difference. Imagine what animals are thinking about us. Barging into their habitats and destroying everything in their way. I bet animals are thinking; what makes humans so powerful anyway? Well, we ARE powerful, because we can communicate with each other, have sympathy, and much more. We can't just waste our skills! We have the power to stop this. We have the power to make a difference. After all, it was us that made Earth far more dirty than it wants to be. We started this, so we end this. It might sound like I was rambling(and I was!) and maybe what I'm saying here doesn't make a lot of sense. But, guys, this is what I think about our environment. *deep breath* *bows* *curtain closes*
                      • crystalmori
                        crystalmoriover 8 years
                        *claps* *tries to imagine what animals might think of us* -_- Never mind, I don't want to imagine that anymore. I doubt most have them have very nice things to say about us...