Indonesia's Real-Life 'Tickle Me' Macaque


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Move over Tickle Me Elmo, Ernie and Big Bird! There is a new sheriff in town - This cheeky little long-tailed macaque in Indonesia's Sacred Monkey Forest who has become so proficient in the art of tickling, that he does not need any help to burst into a fit of giggles!

The heart-warming pictures were taken by Natalia Paklina, a biologist who happened to be vacationing in the area. At first, she thought that the monkey was just scratching himself. But then, when he kept repeating the action and cracking up every single time, she realized that he seemed to have mastered the art of tickling and keeping himself happy all day long! Luckily, for those of us who were not fortunate enough to be there, she had her camera and was able to share these fun pictures, with the rest of the world.

Indonesia's Sacred Monkey Forest situated in Ubud, Bali is a 27-acre sanctuary to about 340 long-tailed macaques. Owned and operated by the residents of the nearby Padangtegal village, it is a big tourist draw for visitors wishing to see these mischievous creatures up close. However, while they may look innocent, especially this giggly one, they are known to get quite ferocious especially, if the visitor isn't carrying a little treat for them!


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