Hair Stylist Transforms Cut Hair Into Works Of Art


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54-Year old Taiwanese hairdresser Shiou-ying Tsai has always been good at her craft - Her creative haircuts and decorative hair extensions have won many accolades. Now, she has turned her attention to something even more creative - Turning the cut hair left on the salon floor into accessories.

So far, she has made colorful brooches, a life-size pineapple and even a black rat with bright blue eyes. But the best creation of all, is a pair of high heels - crafted entirely out of human hair. Being flat-footed, the talented designer cannot wear shoes with heels. She therefore decided to at least create a work of art that she can admire everyday.

Each heel, which took a month to make required cut hair from about three people. Tsai says the process only works with real hair. For not only can it be dyed into different colors, but also, shaped using instant or super glue, which cannot be done with synthetic hair.

And, the talented artist is just getting started - She now plans to create corsets and dresses, from the cut hair. And incase you are wondering, none of these works of art are for sale - They are only for Tsai and her clients to admire!


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