Who Knew Water Droplets Could Be So Beautiful


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We have all thrown rocks into the water, but very few of us have been able to appreciate how beautiful the water looks, as it splashes up - Partly because we are too busy counting the ripples it creates, but mostly, because it happens too fast for the human eye to catch.

Now, with the help of sensor-triggered high-speed photography and a boatload of creativity, Bavarian photographer, Markus Ruegels has captured some stunning images that look more like exquisite jewels than the droplets of water they really are.

The 33-year old photographer dropped the water onto trays, eggcups or teaspoons and then with the help of an extremely fast shutter that sported speeds of up to 1/16,000 per second, took these amazing pictures - capturing details that would be impossible to spot with the naked human eye.

He then went one step further and began to experiment by adding dyes, guar gums, and even a rinse to plain water. The results as you can see, were some cool-shaped splashes that resembled mushrooms, umbrellas and exotic flowers. He even managed to capture one with a globe in the background.

What's even more amazing is that all these pictures are free from any kind of color or computer manipulation - they are just the result of sheer hard work, patience and the artist's superb imagination.

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