'Hug An Alligator' Is Now Open For Business


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If you have always wanted to get close to an alligator, you are in luck. Naples, Fl resident Mike Sturgill a.k.a. Gator Man Mike, will not only allow you to touch the scaly reptiles, but also, give them a big hug for a mere $5.00USD.

While it may sound dangerous, Mike insists that his Gators are quite harmless, because he has had them since they were hatchlings. His chief hugger is a five-year old 35lbs Gator called Baby Bobby. According to his owner, Baby Bobby just loves to snuggle up to humans because of their body heat.

The chief hugger also has two younger apprentice - Smaller Gators called Toby and Wally. They step in when customers are a little squeamish about hugging big bad Baby Bobby and are also in training take over as chief huggers in a few years time, when Baby Bobby becomes too big to be cuddly and will have to be retired from the business.

While Mike may be comfortable with his Gators, the officials of the City Council of Naples were a little nervous about the business, especially given that he wanted to set it up next to a candy shop in the the bustling Tin City shopping district. They only gave the green light after he agreed to muzzle the Gators' mouths with velcro and obtain a million dollar liability insurance in case, one of the reptiles decided to nip a client.

The venture, dubbed Gator Man Mike's opened its door to fans earlier this week and so far, business has been pretty decent. Baby Bobby's first customer was a brave five-year old who seemed to love every minute of it! Would you hug a Gator? Be sure to let us know, by adding your comments below.

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  • Aaliyah Presleyalmost 5 years
    no i would not first of all my house is to small and second of all i do not like them because they kill people third of all we do not have that kind of money to buy something we dont like plus we do not have that much space fourth of all we do not want to spend the money on more food for an alligators not happy with it.
    • jemaryahalmost 5 years
      no i would not have a aligator because it is dangaous and it could kill people
      • lillianabuendiaalmost 5 years
        • jemaryahalmost 5 years
          • anonover 6 years
            vid broke
            • pandapuss
              pandapussalmost 7 years
              It soooooo cute I love alligators 👾👾👾
              • baseballalmost 7 years
                that gator is do cute!
                • Anonumousalmost 7 years
                  I wanna go!
                  • Samyaabout 7 years
                    is that real or fake in the first picture it looks fake the other pictures look scary
                    • bobalmost 8 years