Edinburgh Man Takes On 27 New Middle Names!


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36-year old Barnaby Usansky liked his name - However, he never felt it was quite long enough. So one fine morning, he decided to add a few middle names. His new official name is . . .

Barnaby Marmaduke Aloysius Benjy Cobweb Dartagnan Egbert Felix Gaspar Humbert Ignatius Jayden Kasper Leroy Maximilian Neddy Obiajulu Pepin Quilliam Rosencrantz Sexton Teddy Upwood Vivatma Wayland Xylon Yardley Zachary Usansky.

The Edinburgh resident says he picked his 26 new middle names based on the letters of the alphabet and then added Marmaduke, just because he has always loved it. Why add so many names? Simply because he could!

Barnaby thought up of this idea about eight years ago and ran it by his father, who thought it was a little crazy, but said he could go ahead, as long as, he kept his last name intact. So, when he came upon some inheritance from his father who passed away two years ago, Barnaby decided to 'invest' the money wisely - by re-naming himself!

His first name change was pretty benign - Just Barnaby Marmaduke Usansky. But somehow, it did not seem quite enough for this man who describes himself as 'crazy, passionate, nuts for words'. Therefore, ten weeks later, he decided to add a few more!

Much to his chagrin, he hasn't been able to impress either his friends who still insist on calling him Nick, or the Guinness Book of Records, because his name adds up to 197 letters, just one short of the current record holder - Derek Parlane Stein Jackson Hunter McCloy Kennedy Scott Forsyth Henderson Boyd Robertson OHara Johnstone Miller Dawson Armour McDougall McLean McKean Fyfe McDonald Jardine Young Morris Denny Hamilton Watson Greig Wallace McQueen.

Unlike Barnaby however, Derek was born with all these names - His father, a big soccer fan named him after the Ranger Football club's entire winning squad from 1974/1975.

But don't rule out Barnaby yet - He has already started hinting at adding a few more middle names. Oh, and if you are having a hard time recalling Barnaby's full name, you are in good company - He cannot recall all of his new names either!

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  • angelica444
    angelica444about 2 years
    Lol I'm obsessed with Hamilton so I would choose Angelica Schuyler Midnight Cat Weirdo that's all I can think of lol
    • #studiocover 6 years
      Thats weird but cool!
      • jinkim0808
        jinkim0808almost 7 years
        My middle name would be, Jin Chrysanthemum Lyddie Stephanie Amara Meagan Kyra Kaitlin Madeline Madison Isabella Belle Emma Rhiannon Katie Niagara Gracious Lavender Annabeth Rachel Elizabeth Kim
        • ucxioover 7 years
          This is amazing
          • ginnypandas444
            ginnypandas444over 7 years
            If I could choose 27 middle names: Genevieve Laurie Chrysanthemum Paige Hope Lavender Sophia Scarlet Jane Jade Marielle Judy Rhiannon Katy Louise Oakley Katelyn Quincy Lucy Niagara Kathleen Isabel Graciela Michelle Emily Giselle Riley Stephanie Amanda.
          • Blue girl over 7 years
            There just names.
            • Meghanabout 8 years
              XD so many names
              • Meghanabout 8 years
                if I could choose my name it would be rose lavender :D
                • Jayover 8 years
                  If I could choose my name it would be Ledger Kale Walllace
                  • unkownover 8 years
                    XD SO MANY NAMES